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YaY!! I have my baby! I've actually had him for a about week now officially, but I've been so crazy busy the whole time I've finally found time to post on here and let you all know I have him now. Its doing great!! I'm staying with my parents right now for a few weeks to get my finances in order, but I'll leave that story to the chat area! lol!!
Ooh my Lex Baby is too cute for words! I've been having so much fun with him. I'm trying to get him used to playing with me, he's a little confused, cuz he's SO used to playing with his sisters and everything he's wondering what im doing when I run around with him lol!! AND he's a BIG weenie!! Its really cute though, he's scared of loud noises, if one of my moms dogs runs to quickly to him he yelps. haha, I'm trying to toughin' him up a little bit, hopefully he'll get over it.
Here are some pictures of him recently I took. My mom got him a little couch/bed. its Awesome!! He claimed it immediately when she brough it home, haha. Well, thats it for now, I'll be sure to post more pix later in the week! Cya guys!
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