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I got my puppy!*

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I picked up my puppy on friday! I named her lexi.... she's adorable!!

She doesn't like pottying outside tho... every time i take her out she just plays... i'm not sure what to do...

AND she won't stop biting... i gave her a bone but she prefers my ears.. lol...

i love her bunches tho!*

I want to put a pic on here but it won't let me add an attachment :(

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maybe try with a potty pad ???

welcome :wave: i can't wiat to see pics of lexi

kisses nat
Congratulations and welcome!!

If you do a search (at the top of the page) you can type in housebreaking, potty pads, pee pee pads, wee wee pads etc. It will show a bunch of old threads on that very subject, same thing for the's a common thread!! LOL....they LOVE to chew...

Make sure you have lots of blankets, toys :D

Congratulations! I love the name Lexi!!

Ah yes... puppies love to bite and chew. She will learn soon enough that she needs to be gentle.

We use the housebreaking pads 24/7 here and my Angel is 6 months old. She will go outside without a problem but where we live right now, the pads are easier to deal with since we don't have our own yard. If you can get her to use the pads consistently, try moving the pads closer and closer to the door and then place a pad outside to show her where you would like her to go. Doesn't always come easy but I've had that work with other pups of mine. Then give treats when she goes. Lots and lots of treats. ;)
Congrats I cant wait too see pics - there is loads of advice in chi questions and articles for house breaking and training tips :wave:
Be sure you are logged in when you try to post a pic or it won't work Beyond that I am not sure why it won't work :wave:
Congrats on getting Lexi! Can't wait to see her!! :wave:
Congrats on getting your new puppy. Chis make such great companions, so full of energy, with a great personality and lots of loving.

How old is your puppy? You might want to try the housebreaking pads as suggested, gradually moving them outside. This method worked quite well for me, but any method takes time and patience.

As for posting pics, if you go to the chi pictures forum, there is a thread that gives instructions on how to post. Look forward to seeing pics.
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