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i hate tinkerbell she has everything!

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someone on this forum has this written on there babys top..
where did you get it from i want seen it in heat magazine and it reminded me :)
anyone know where i can get one?

star x
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which heat mag???wat does it say?
you get those tops from barking dog clothes!
Haha it's a shirt that says "I wish I were tinkerbell that bi#$ has everything" and here is the link to it
Bella has this top and I got it from barking dog clothes. :wave:

I gotta get that shirt! :lol:
Iamafairy said:
It might be Nat who has it....

if you mean me ....i don't have it :cry: i wish i had it though :D

kisses nat
aww thank you..ive saved the going to get one :)
thanks a lot :wave:
just been looking at the site..good site i love everything on
tyke does not have a t-shirt yet looks like his going to be getting a few now :)
thanks again
Placed my order :p

it was in this weeks heat magazine..saying missy elliot got the t-shirt for her yorkie so does tori spelling have one for her pug (dont know who she is :? ) and theres also a pix of this lady tori spelling wearing a top saying "my dog can beat up paris hiltons dog" i want one of them
poor old tinkerbell...
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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