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i have a breeder in new jersey

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pm me if you are in this area. i don't want to put her info in a post..... she doesn't ship either so only if you are from jersey and are interested in a chi puppy....
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I was trying to deal with one in Jersey she ended up being kinda fishy. I am drawing a blank now what her name is, she has half decent website too. If i think of it I will tell you.
yeah get back to me on that one... at work we have a breeder book and there is only one chi breeder in it, i am unsure about them no one has ever gone through it. i'd like feedback on them before i tell people about them....... i noticed that the one i went through is posted in here say chis. the woman is really nice and i've been to the house and everything was on the up and up. she's really great to work with too. very patient and understanding. i would recommend them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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