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I have a few unanswered questions about potty training.

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Pedro isnt very old yet, hes 8 weeks old now(we have had him for two weeks) I know i cant expect much from him when it comes to potty training but im still trying nontheless. Right now we have a little sectioned off area for him which has his bed, food and water dish and paper covering the tile floor. The area is about 4 feet wide by 2.5 feet deep.

I have been just letting him sleep in his little bed and have left the water bowl and usually the food bowl out(he doesnt eat much of it right away, it seems like he wants to nibble at it all day).

Here are my questions.

I was thinking of trying to crate train him but hes too young to hold his bladder more then a couple of hours and im gone around 8 hours off and on during the week. I might be able to get the neighbour lady to let him out every couple of hours but thats asking alot out of her. Should i just continue to let him have his little area covered in paper until he is a bit older and can hold it in for 4 or so hours? If so, whats a good age to start the crate training?

How often do puppies need water? Like i said above i leave the water out so he can drink when he wants. Should i just put it down every few hours so i can more closely monitor when he goes pee? Right now he will go when im not around(of course) and when i see him peeing i give him lots of praise and sometimes a little treat.

Lastly i heard from someone that you should give them a treat after peeing/pooping or they will come to expect it all the time. Whats your thoughts on this matter?

sorry for the long winded post. I searched and read through so many different posts but thought i would post anyway.

thanks in advance.
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You could put his crate in the area you have him in now instead of a bed - with the door open or removed, that way he gets used to sleeping in the crate, but has his potty pads or newspaper available.

I started crate training Cooper from the very first day I had him. I bought a big crate (way too big for a puppy but he grew into it nicely... heck, here's the link to the one at Petsmart - he has the 24x21x20 model) and was able to put both his bed area and his pee pads inside at the same time. I didn't have an area to rope off for him, so it's what worked best for me. I kept potty pads near the back door as well.

As he got older and got the hang of the potty pads, I moved them out of his crate completely. Lucky for me, it only took him a couple weeks.

Water should always be available to your pup. Cooper drinks a lot of water because it's so freakin' hot in Texas. Plus, with the smaller pups, dehydration can set in quickly and you don't want that to happen.

And to answer your last question, I never gave Cooper treats for doing his business. I did, however, throw him a party every time he went. I would clap, say "good boy" and "pee pee" or "poo poo" and smile like I had just won the lotto. He was never really treat-driven though, although he wouldn't turn them down, he didn't need them as praise.

Something that might help is if you are going to eventually transition to outdoors for potty stuff, you want to get them used to the words associated with their bodily functions so when you do go out, you can say "go pee pee" and they can make the connection to the action if you say it now, when they're using the potty pads or newspaper.
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cooper's mom.

so you just used that crate and kept his water, food and pee pee pads in that to get him used to using the pee pads?

how old was he when you did the transition to having the pee pads outside of the crate?

Im thinking that crate might be something worth buying. We have a pet taxi, its for up to 10 lbs and he doesnt mind going in that at all but its pretty small for his full time home.(i think anyway)

also, when your away at work. do you keep cooper in that crate or let him roam the house? How long are you gone?

thanks for your reply so far.
Jolie's crate is just big enough for her bed, food, water and a piece of potty pad to use. I think 8-9 hours is too long to leave her so i come home mid day and let her out to potty and play for 30-60 minutes. There was one day when i just couldn't get back home during the day and she was fine but i wouldn't want her shut up in a crate all day every day. I'm in the planning stages for another type of arrangement for her but haven't figured that out yet. I'm just not happy with the way things are and i have to work so i will probably prepare some sort of "area" for her at some time soon.
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