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I have had the worst weekend ever. $1,000 vet expenses.

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Is Medical a good food? I have no idea. That is what the vet put him on. I will post tomorrow to tell you about the craziness of the vets I took him to and such a wrong diagnosis they all had. Makes me shake my head and think who can you trust.

Regina and Tiimmy
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I thought I had a good one, but after this craziness, I really wonder. This is our little babies you put them in their hands, and they have no idea.

So sorry to hear that Regina. Hugs.
Medical is a bad bad food, full of fillers, yet most of our Canadian
vets seem to push it. It's made by the oh so horrible Royal Canin,
it is one of Royal Canin's veterinary diets. Anyways, I hope things
start to look up for you. Hope Timmy is ok.
Thank you for reply, I knew that food was not a good food. I just want to tell everyone how vets take your money and really dont care.

Very eye opening experience that I had. Unbelievable.
He was on Merrick before grain 96 chicken.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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