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I have had the worst weekend ever. $1,000 vet expenses.

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Is Medical a good food? I have no idea. That is what the vet put him on. I will post tomorrow to tell you about the craziness of the vets I took him to and such a wrong diagnosis they all had. Makes me shake my head and think who can you trust.

Regina and Tiimmy
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LS are you saying Royal Canin was part of that food recall?
It's not a 5 star food but its heaps better than grocery store food.
My dogs have done very well on it when we used it.
Yes it was, unfortunately. Royal Canin is full of fillers, always has been, this
is why I never liked it, but after the numerous recalls I literally HATE it with
a passion. Overpriced garbage in my opinion.
Ahh, well sadly it's one of the very few foods that has kibble tiny enough for my wee one to chew.
He did nicely on it though, however now he's on different food.
We don't do kibble for him anymore.
Acana is very high in proteins.

We shop at Animalerie little bear, one of the best dog food stores in Montreal, you should check it out!
My little one eats Halo & my regular size Chi eats Fromm.
Supplimented of course by good old fashioned home cooking :D

ETA: Bark and Fitz is on Sherbrooke as well and I love that store too! :D
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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