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I have had the worst weekend ever. $1,000 vet expenses.

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Is Medical a good food? I have no idea. That is what the vet put him on. I will post tomorrow to tell you about the craziness of the vets I took him to and such a wrong diagnosis they all had. Makes me shake my head and think who can you trust.

Regina and Tiimmy
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So sorry to hear that Regina. Hugs.
Medical is a bad bad food, full of fillers, yet most of our Canadian
vets seem to push it. It's made by the oh so horrible Royal Canin,
it is one of Royal Canin's veterinary diets. Anyways, I hope things
start to look up for you. Hope Timmy is ok.
I swear every single vet office I have been to around here sells that garbage.
Even after all of the drama with the 2007 recall, not sure if you remember or
if you had pets at that time, basically many dogs and cats got very ill or lost
their lives due to the food containing melamine. There was even a large law
suit, my hubby's mother participated since her cat died from liver failure caused
by the contaminated food. She got some money to "compensate for her loss" this
year. What were you feeding Timmy before? Were you not happy with it?
LS are you saying Royal Canin was part of that food recall?
It's not a 5 star food but its heaps better than grocery store food.
My dogs have done very well on it when we used it.

Yes it was, unfortunately. Royal Canin is full of fillers, always has been, this
is why I never liked it, but after the numerous recalls I literally HATE it with
a passion. Overpriced garbage in my opinion.
Thank you for reply, I knew that food was not a good food. I just want to tell everyone how vets take your money and really dont care.

Very eye opening experience that I had. Unbelievable.

Is he ok?
You are worrying me.
Ahh, well sadly it's one of the very few foods that has kibble tiny enough for my wee one to chew.
He did nicely on it though, however now he's on different food.
I recently had two rescued Chi pups, tiny tiny babies, they ate Acana Pacifica
no problem. It's surprising because the bites are pretty big. What are you
feeding now?(if you don't mind me asking) I'm curious what other brands sell
super tiny kibble.
We don't do kibble for him anymore.
Acana is very high in proteins.

We shop at Animalerie little bear, one of the best dog food stores in Montreal, you should check it out!
My little one eats Halo & my regular size Chi eats Fromm.
Supplimented of course by good old fashioned home cooking :D

ETA: Bark and Fitz is on Sherbrooke as well and I love that store too! :D
Acana Pacifica is my favorite for my rescues. Yes it is high protein, but that is
a positive not a negative. I go to Global for it and the bully sticks as well, it's
a great store, full of holistic goodness. Fromm is a good one, I like their grain
free Surf and Turf. As for my own three they are all raw fed. :)

ps: I'm sorry Regina for getting a bit off topic. I'm off to bed now, getting up in one hour. Talk soon.
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