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I just learned something new today

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Dixie does not like kids.

My cousins came over and my mom told me to show Dixie to them. They are 7 and 8 years old... I put Dixie on the floor and she jetted upstairs under my bed. They went after her, as did I. Once we got up there, Dixie went on my lap and just started growling! :shock: That is the first time she has ever growled at someone..

I guess it's because they were chasing after her and she felt that she was in danger.. That or she went on my lap to protect me. My brother's friends come once in a while and she has never growled at them.. Hmm.. I don't know :dontknow:
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I have two lil fur babies. Torie loves all people as long as theres a lap to sit on and hands to play with her. Whereas, Binki doesn't trust most people. By the way Dixie is adorable.
Was she raised around kids? When they aren't raised around kids, they can be aggresive, especially if they were chasing her.
yeah the chasing her probably triggered it. she has to be around kids more often to get used to their wild child ways.
Poor Dixie. Sounds like she was just scared. She might have acted different if the kids hadn't chased after her.
She wasn't raised around kids. All adults. It's ok though, I told them to let her smell their hands and after that, Dixie stopped growling. I also told them to approach her more carefully... But who knows how long that'll be kept in their mind?
I was baby sitting a friend's kids for the summer around the time i got chico. the kids were 9 (a boy) and 4 (a girl) chico loved playing with them. he was so tiny, so i had to keep an extra careful eye on him when the kids were playing with him. the little girl loved chico. they would sit on the floor and play for hours on end. hopefully if chico were to be around kids again, he'd remember and be nice.

i only had one problem though, one day the boy was rocking the chair while he was sitting in it, and he accidentally landed it on chico's little paw :cry: chico yelped, and we took him right to the vet, but turns out he wasn't hurt, thank goodness. he's a resiliant little boy.
Seiah is not to fond of children either. I guess its because they always want to pet him, he was better when he was younger. But I went to go see my dad and he was snapping at my little sister, she was the one trying to touch him. But Seiah actually went to my little brother, who wasn't paying much attention to him. So I guess its the way people approach him that makes him growl or moody. Or it could be that he sensed the bond between my little bro and I, I wasn't around much when my little sis was born so were not as close.
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