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I knew it would happen someday...

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When Dawn was getting into the bath tonight Lina was hovering around her, watching the water fill up the tub. It was no different than any other night (or day actually, cause if there is water running she is in the bathroom) well, when Dawn finally got into the bathroom and undressed she kept saying, "Linas in the tub" and I thought she was just meaning that she was standing by tub licking it or just in the bathroom.

When I went in the bathroom to wash Dawns hair, there was Lina...standing in the tub with Dawn lmao! I just about died laughing at her! She just looked up at me like, "well mom, I want a bath too!" I just couldn't believe she actually did that! She has always wanted to jump in with someone but never actually has before! I wish I would have had my camara on me because it was too funny! So, Lina got an unexpected bath tonight lol
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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