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Confidentiality is not an issue with Tiny, I certainly want people to know that I am determined to find her the best home and will take as many offers and give everybody a chance to show they can provide her the best. I always recommend this website to every person I interview, and I'm surprised (but delighted) that Tina is the first to register.

I have approximately good 10 applications on hand, and about 35-40 people who've called and left messages. Today when I came home I had another 5 messages, all of whom I've called back and talked to at length.

I've ruled out about 20 just based on "common sense". The family with 2 newborns, students with no jobs, person who intended to hide the dog from landlord, someone who wanted to breed her (ARE THEY KIDDING!?), someone who had 2 other dogs: doberman and chow, a collector who bragged they had 30+ "teacups", and a few others that just seemed too enamored with the whole "teacup" and "paris hilton" idea. However, I gave them all solid chances and did full phone interviews to give them an equal chance to explain their situations.

Of the 10 applications I have, I can honestly say I'd be comfortable with Tiny spending her life with 2 of them. It's a long process, and difficult for me because I'm so worried/in love with Tiny, but I'm trying to be the good foster dad and make sure she's safe forever.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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