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Hello there!

1. I do not crate train. My two are confined to the dining room while we work and sleep. Otherwise, they have run of the house. If they do something bad (such as eat the plant as Lola did the other day) they are told to "park it" and they put themselves in their bed in the dining room.

2. Bosco had already gotten the overall concept by the time I brought him home at 7 weeks. Lola caught on at about 10 weeks and has done really well ever since. I have my two trained to use piddle-pads indoors.

3. And for those of you who have more than one chi, how do they get along? I had Bosco for about 6 months before I got Lola. For the most part, they have gotten along together really well. Escpecially now that they have had a few months together, they are inseperable. They play, eat, sleep, and even potty together. LOL But if I take one with me somewhere and leave the other at home, they are fine too.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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