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1. I have Molly in a crate while I'm at school but she's next to her malti-poo brother that's why she's not alone. I also have her in her cage at night. My mom won't let her sleep in my bed w/ me until we move!

2. Let's just say that a chi's bladder isn't as big as an australian shepard's! :lol: They don't go that much unless they've been holding it and then go potty all at one time. I have Molly go on newspaper but we're going to switch her to pp pads because you can use them more than once.

3. I'm not lucky enough to have more than 1 chi! :lol:

Hope that this helps! :D

Edited to say that chihuahuas are very smart dogs and they learn quickly I didn't have that many problems housebreaking Molly. :)
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