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I use a crate for my chi when I am at work and at night. I got a large one so I could put a litterbox and bed in it so he doesn't have to hold it all day. I always put his water in their right before I leave and he just goes in and waits for me to shut it. At night I don't even close it anymore he just goes in his bed. It has worked wonderfully!

Potty training has been tough...consistancy is the key. Mine I have to keep a close eye on because he likes to go behind the couch or under my bed.

I only have one right now but I would think two from the same litter should be fine together.

As for the bigger old is chi spends a lot of time at my parents and they have a german short hair pointer...he's seven and completely ignores the puppies. If they try to play with him he just walks away. So leaving them together is no problem but it will depend on the personalities of your dogs.

Good luck,
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