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I need some opinons! :)

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Hey guys, ive just been informed that my breeder is letting the puppies go at 6 weeks AT THE EARLIEST* I know your not supposed to have them until like 10 weeks, but do you think it'd be ok if it was 7 weeks going on 8, (friday when i got her instead of sunday when she hit 8 weeks.) I'm not sure if i'd be able to get her when.. shes 8 going on 9, but i could try. I know i am soo excited, and i cant wait to get her, and want her asap but i kno its not good to be seperated at 6 weeks because it can cause bad behavior in the future from being seperated too soon. What would YOU recommend for weeks wise?

Basically, when do you guys think is the earliest i should get her
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I have got all my chi's at 6 weeks. They had their shot, she keeps them 2 more days then I pick them up. As long as they are able to eat their food, u will have no problem. Keeping them warm, u know the usual stuff. I have never had a problem and my dogs are all healthy and happy. Good Luck with your puppy. Oh and I have 3 going on 4 chi's right now and I prefer this age 2 because u bond so much easier--my opinion.
The very earliest 8 weeks, and that is even pushing it. Remember that puppies not only need to stay with their mother and littermates for health reasons, but also for socialization reasons. The mother will teach the puppy how to properly behave and so will the siblings. The major thing pups learn from eachother is MANORS. Things like biting is taught by the mother correcting the pups when they get out of hand and the other pups crying out when the other bites too hard.
Remember that chihuahua's are much smaller then the average dog and even though the average age to releace a pup is 8 weeks, it doesnt mean that is what is best for a chihuahua. I would wait until at least 10 weeks before bringing the little one home. What is an extra 3 weeks going to hurt.
That is my opinion. Hope it helped
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i would say no earlier than 10 weeks. it's so much safer for the pup to have that time with it's mom and to get socialization time with its brothers and sisters. they also learn bite inhibition and pack hierarchy. also, taking the pup home before 8 weeks (at the VERY EARLIEST) will make your training more difficult. like angel said, chi puppies are VERY SMALL. much smaller than many other dogs. and because of this, i think it's wise to wait until they reach 10 weeks-- ESPECIALLY because you have big dogs.
ahh ok thnx guys, umm anymore opions would be great, because im REALLY leaning towards the 7.8 weeks! But am soo scetchy on the idea, concerned too.. its just i dont want to get her when schools in.... so i'd want her on a friday so i could at least spend the weekend fully with her
I hate that breeders send these poor tiny pups to homes at 6 7 and 8 weeks old they should really keep them till 10 or 12 weeks is even better
I took Bosco home a couple days shy of 8 weeks old. My breeder apparently has never done that before but her vet said it was fine because he had been on solid food for a while and doing fine, and he was also quite big. We decided to go that route, because, like you, we were excited...but also because we had a 4-day weekend to help get him used to being at our house rather than a 2-day weekend. It has worked out great for us and I can't imagine him being a more well-adjusted pup. But I do feel bad that our reasons for doing this were selfish. And who knows, maybe he could be even better than he is now! :wink:

Anyway I just tried to do a search on the importance of keeping a pup with its mom/littermates and came up with this site.

It says, in part:


Characteristics: Enlarging social awareness and bonding outside of litter. Mental abilities are fully formed but pups lack experience. This is the optimum time to teach new things and is, in fact, the period of fastest learning. Research has shown that behaviours can be shaped and modified most easily during times when learning is occurring most quickly. Training during this time will actually increase the capacity to learn by increasing brain cells in the appropriate regions of the brain.

Bladder and bowel control developed and pups are capable of sleeping through the night without an accident.

Breeder Do's: Greatly enlarge the puppies' world between 49 and 56 days. Begin puppy rotation, playing and sleeping in smaller groups. Pups that remain with breeder can be crated with one or two other pups. Be sure to switch puppies around.

Continue individual grooming, play and training sessions with each pup. Gentle but firm discipline from humans may be begun. Begin teaching response to simple commands such as sit, down, stand, come, walk on lead at this time. Pups during this period can learn complex behaviour chain and can make associations.

Breeder Don'ts: Do not isolate from humans or unnecessarily restrain during this period (only restraints should be crate or necessary fencing). Avoid inadvertently reinforcing fearful responses.


Pups that have been properly socialized and bonded with breeder can be successfully placed at 10-12 weeks after they have passed the first fear imprint period and while they are still young enough to be "babies."
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how come you are asking our opinion when you are already leaning towards 7.8 weeks?

reminds me of what my mom used to tell me, "why ask for my opinion when you're not going to do what i say?" :lol:
I think most breeders are now wanting to have the puppys go to their new homes earlier.
Most of the time the pups have already been seperated from their mothers and just kept with litter mates so they can't nurse anymore.
So it probably doesn't matter when we think is best because the breeders have already done what they wanted.
In Florida, it's illegal to adopt/sell a puppy if they are under 8 weeks. I personally, at the bare minimum would wait until he is at least 9-10 weeks. What's one more week? :)
PLEASE WAIT TILL 10 WEEKS AND PLEASE READ THE INFO OF BOOGALOO - as it explains the reasons for waiting till 10 weeks alot clearer
im asking ur opions because im all over the place, but now, that ive read some more messages, i think ill go for,the 8 weeks going on 9. and ill also talk to the breeder and ask what she thinks. and see what the actually day of the week she was born, so it'd be better to work around with.. but i think ill probably get her at 9 weeks,

Do u all think thats resonable? considering ive hear people say 6 weeks are ok here, to 12 weeks is ok. so, i think 9 weeks would be smack dab in the middle :)
Pups that have been properly socialized and bonded with breeder can be successfully placed at 10-12 weeks after they have passed the first fear imprint period and while they are still young enough to be "babies."
Honistly I would wait until 10 weeks, like everyone is saying. I know that you really want your puppy now but like the article says puppies learn very important things during the period of 8-10 weeks. If you take this puppy home before they can learn mannors from the mom and littermates you might have a very naughty puppy on your hands. I dont know how many people come into our training center with their puppies and are having chewing problems, biting problems, and overall training problems. When asked what age the pup was when it came home they all say 7-9 weeks. Thats not to say that a pup placed in a home at an older age wont have problems, but you are almost guaranteed biting and social problems if they go home before 10 weeks.
I brought Ginger home at 6 weeks :shock: but that is because she was releaced to someone else that young and I took her because she wasnt eating and I had experience will tiny puppies. Well the reason she wasnt eating is because her teeth were not all the way in yet!!!
Needless to say I had issues with her, but it was easier for me because I already had two chihuahua's under the age of 1 and my mom had 3 toy-breed dogs all one year or younger and they taught her mannors. She needed it.
Now that she is a year I have a very agressive dog. She is agressive to people and agressive to dogs. She will get over this because I am a dog trainer and I take her with me to work and work with her around other people and other dogs. She is slowly getting better. I am lucky though because I can do all of this professional training for free and have all the time because that is my job. Not too many people can afford the behavior classes needed to fix agression problems, nor do most people have the time to do the training at home.
Her main problem was she was never properly socialized by her mom or littermates. She never got that critical imprinting she needed from her mom and my dogs had to try to fill in, but they cannot replace a mother or littermates.
8-9 weeks is still too early in my oppinion, but 9 weeks is much better then 7 weeks. Can you wait an extra week and take the pup home at 10 weeks? What are the reasons you do not want to wait?
Please keep in mind that none of us are trying to be pushy or mean, but we have had chihuahua's and we know what can happen if you bring one home too early. The reason you came here and asked this question is to find out what we thought right? Well all of us so far agree that 10 weeks should be the earliest a chihuahua should go home. I guess you can do with the information what you wish, but its kindof silly to ask an opinion of chihuahua owners and not take the advise given.
Please take our warnings seriously and wait until 10 weeks. Those extra three weeks with the mother are critical in their development!

PS - The bottom picture is of Ginger when I brought her home at 6wks...waaaay too young to be away from mom but the other person had no idea how to care for her.

The first picture is of Ginger a couple weeks later. During this time she was really mimicing my other two and testing the boundaries with them. This fight started out very cute but she quickly got too agressive and Tequila had to correct her. If I didnt have my other two dogs to do this I would be in more trouble with her then I am now.
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If you are going to wait till 9 weeks is there no way you can ask for the breeder to keep her till 10 weeks i dont see how it will be a problem as you are paying good money and if she was a responsible breeder she wouldnt let her go till then anyways.

I know how ecxcited you are we were all there once too but in the long run you will have a much better adjusted dog.

good luck and keep us posted - also dont feel like anyone is trying to dis you as we are just saying what we feel is better for the puppy and you :wave:
I got Mikey at 6 weeks, as I have said in other post this is the age that breeders, pet stores ..where ever you look for a puppy around here let their pups go. I never put much thought into it being too early until reading all the post here. I can say that Mikey is aggressive, he was a biter (while playing) I got that pretty much corrected but he has some serious issues. I do think for 1 he has this problem b/c he may have been a puppy mill dog but also he was taken from mom too early. I am a stay at home mom and both of my boys are in school right now. So I have a lot of time for just me and Mikey to work on getting it corrected. I would honestly leave her there until she is 10 weeks old. I know the excitement, beleive me I have been known to spur of the moment get a pet, that's how I ended up w/ both my kitties. But take your time ,let the proper amount of weeks pass. Take the time to sleep and rest b/c once your little puppy is there your looking at a few nights at least w/ getting proper sleep. You won't regret it. :wave:
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from 8 - 10 weeks the mom will teach them that it is wrong to bite and that it hurts by biting them back etc - also they learn a vast amount from their littermates during this time :wave:
Ok, I've talked to my mom, and me and my mom bother agree 6 weeks is too early to take from her mom and pups, and 7 weeks is just one week after that, i've also read all of the posts and think its very resonable to get her at 10 weeks. Although, i'm still not sure what my breeder has to say about this haha, i am not sure how long she WILL keep them for, but I will try to get her to keep her until she hits 9-10 weeks. Thanks everyone for their opions, it helped me make my mind up much better. :D
I'm so glad you're deciding to wait. If your breeder is a responsible breeder, I think she'd keep your pup alittle longer for the better interest of the dog and for you as well. Good luck and please keep us posted. You made a very wise choice. Ten weeks is definately optimal. :)
so glad you have taken our advice you wont regret it at all - if she is a good breeder she will understand your concerns :wave:
Ah I am so glad you decided to wait. By coming here and asking BEFORE you bring a pup home shows that you are a very responsible person and will be a great pet owner!

You are now armed with loads of information about imprinting and socialization. I suggest printint the article off about puppy development and having it ready when you talk to the breeder. If she is a responsible breeder she will want to keep the puppies until 10weeks.

Please update us as soon as you speak to the breeder. I really hope she agrees not to let the puppies go at such an early age!!

Thanks for hanging in there with us!! :D

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