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He is still a baby and you will have on and off relapses and he will feed off of your stress and frustration and this can make it much worse. Do not shout or punish him as this will worsen the behavior as well. If you feel you are getting frustrated or stressed then pop a breath mint or some gum in your mouth and this may help. Lots of praise when he does go potty where he is supposed, make a huge silly excited deal out of it and then give him a treat. He will eventually get it that it pleases you that he is pottying there and it will set that behavior in.

Please just be patient with the little guy as he is still at an age like a tiny human baby and just needs a little love and understanding;-) Good luck and keep us updated :)
I would like to say "well done" to your reply.. So many times these little ones can and will turn into trembling, fearful pups purely as the result of the manner and tone of correction they are given as babies. My kids were raised with discipline but in a loving and compassionate manner, and I have found it works with chis as well. I never turned away from my children because they made mistakes and can't imagine looking into the loving, trusting faces of my pups and making them feel rejected. To them, we are their world, their safe place and that is a tremendous responsibility.

I am sane enough to realize that all will not agree with my approach, but then I am also sane enough to know that house doggies are just not for every family. Blessing, Deb
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