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I rescued two Chi's yesterday

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I rescued two chi babies yesterday.Their Owner passed away due to cancer so when I got the call I had to just go get these poor babies.I think they are considers blue??But,I was wondering if they are apple or dear and what everyone thought?Its hard to tell for me because they both have ears down at 18 months I was told is their age. Could their ears pop up still or are they most likely to stay down?Also better pictures to come as my lil baby Juliet ate my photo transfer card in less than 3 seconds she had the wire in half!!she is 16 weeks and a lil tether stinker!!but theses babies i rescued Bonnie and Clyde also had a bad flea infestation and loss some hair or maybe its because they are blue chi's? don't allot of blue chi's loose their hair?



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Awww they are too sweet! Yes both are blues. Could be the color dilution alopecia that many blues get; but could also be a sign of a nutritional deficiency also. As long as they don't seem to have any actual skin irritation (or hair loss is spreading) I'd just put them on a good grain-free food and see if there are improvements. If not, it's pretty safe to say it's just genetics. I don't think their ears will stand up either, at 18 months. But they look cute this way. They're both deer heads to me, as their stops have a pretty wide angle.
I think both look like pit bull puppies lol! How is their temperament? Were they treated well at their last home? Thanks for taking these guys in!!
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