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I see Bosco!

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I saved Bosco's mommy's website address and look on ocassion to see if I can see Bosco on the camera... and he's there!

He is so handsome!
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oh where I want too see :lol:
Aww! Look at my little guy! I wonder where Lola is? LOL I hope he isn't smushing her! :D
Does anyone know how you can set up a webcam to stream like that live on a website?
yeah, it's easy, for the most part. All you need is a webcam that you buy at your local computer store (mine was about $60 USD), connect it to the computer, and most software that comes with it will stream online for you. If not, there are other places out there that create software to stream online with - I use the stuff at when I use mine.

If you're taking the camera out of the room with the computer, they sell wireless cams, mountable cams, etc... but they're all pretty expensive.
Karl's working from home this afternoon so they are probably sitting on his lap. :D

Look back tomorrow! LOL
I have it saved now too and I'll check in from time to time.

If they had a webcam at Lily's daycare, I wouldn't get any work done. My eyes would be glued to the screen all day long. :lol:
That's so cool!! Nate and I always wanted to set up a webcam to see who pees on the floor... :lol: I'm going to check back and see what Bosco and Lola are up to later!
I'm waving at Bosco and Lola right now... they look so comfy in their bed, all curled up together!

I have always wanted to do that but I'd have to put the camera in another room and I don't have that kind of money or time to do it. I'm sure Cooper would love to be on camera all day where people could peek in on him. :D
someone with hair legs is blockin my view!!! :p
ilovekeiki said:
someone with hair legs is blockin my view!!! :p
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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