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Go the Native Route!

Hi! The answer to your problem is simple. If you have fifteen names, get fifteen chis! :lol:

Hehe.... I love Pepsi as a name. My first chi was named Pepsi. He was wonderful, too. Heavens, that was, what?, about 35 years ago or so??? Eeek. I am old.

I took my Jazz Coda for a walk last night and realized I'm one of those old women I used to watch: White sweatpants with green knees (from kneeling on the grass to toss Coda's Teletubby), red t-shirt covered with a lanky gold sweater, purple sweat socks, navy blue Birkenstocks. Being towed down the street by a chihuahua hooked to an orange leash on a purple collar with a bell that he thinks is wonderful the louder and more often he can make it tinkle.

Life is, indeed, perfect!

Hey, do what my family does with their pets as well their children. We give them a birth name and, later, as they become individuals they are given another name. It's a Native American thing but I've read many other cultures do it as well. That way a Pepsi can become a Heaven as she grows the personality to match.

And I can become PeeWee the Runt after a flea on an old cartoon... sigh. :geek:

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