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...about being mad at my work (for not allowing me to rescue that one chi anyway) because they are totally bending the rules for me to allow one of the best orthopedic surgeons come and operate on Kylie.
I have been worried about her sugery because the vet doing the surgery wasnt known to be that good...a lot of people told me to go to this one doctor that travels from vet clinic to vet clinic (she was the one who did Tequila's surgery!) Of course her price is a good $1,000 more then our price pluse I woudnt get it done for free since it wasnt one of our doctors.
Well today I was told that if I kept it 'hush hush' the admin would take my invoice and run it through were I would only pay $400 and not $2,600 and that I could put that $400 as part of my free vet not only do i get the doctor I wanted in the beginnning, but I get her for free too!!!
This means that Kylie is getting her surgery this Thursday and not next week.
A couple people looked at me funny because I wasnt using "our vet" but the way I look at it is that you go with who you feel more comfortable with. I dont know this new doctor where I work and from what I hear she doesnt do that great of a job. It is so important to me that Kylie get this done by the best seeing that she only has one good rear leg. I have been bugging the admin for a while now to work out some deal with me so I could get this good doctor and I finally found one who would help.
Like I said before this is the same doc who did Tequila's surgery and I couldnt be happier with Tequila's wouldnt even be able to tell she had knee problems, let alone surgery. The only reason I didnt just pay outright for Kylie to see the same girl is because after 3 prior Kylie surgerys and Tequila's surgery my emergency fund has run low. I just thank my lucky stars I found this job :D
Tomorrow Kylie gets her x-rays done and her blood work (curtosy of myself :wink: ) and then Thursday is the day. They said I could probably pick her up around 10pm (since they wont start till around 2pm) so long as everything is okay. This doctor would much rather the dog sleep in its own bed then at the vets....but she has to trust that the owner knows how to care for a dog coming out of surgery.
This made my day...I just wanted to share it with you all. Still worried about the surgery but man what a difference it makes having a doctor you really trust doing it.
Moral of the story....never feel oblogated to go to one particular doctor....always trust your gut and go with the one you feel is the right one. I felt obligated to use the doctor I work for but in the end I just didnt feel right doing so.
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