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i got an email from the breeder i got vixie from, ive been keeping intouch with her since i got vixie keeping her updated and sending pictures..but her puppies are too expensive usually, they usually go for 850 or so, vixie was 650 inc shipping because she was 6months when i got her, so ive been chatting with her and explained i want a friend for vixie but only have 650 to spend on the dog (i got plenty of money for food and vet bills and such but only so much to spend on the puppy) well she told me that she had a few litters comming up and that i can have pick of a male from the first litter for 650 inc shipping because she could see how well i was looking after vixie and such. but she told me to keep searching while i waited incase i found another chi, shes very much one of those people who belive the right chi should be taken time to find and not nessicarily the first one you see.

well anywayz, i got an email this morning, her female angel just had a litter of 4, 3 males and a female yesterday morning. and i can have pick of any of the males in the litter for 650 (i want a male) shes expecting at least half the litter to be long haired (if not i get pick of the next litter which will all be long haired) but we wont know coat lenght for a little while yet, however there all red/fawn looking as of right now.
as soon as i get pics through ill post them for all too see...but im so excited, the litter should be ready to go at 12 weeks which means i should have my puppy just before my birthday *dance*

the mother of this litter is a 4 1/2 lb short haired fawn girl absolulty beautiful apple head and little legs, and the father is a gorgeous 3lb black and tan long hair with the most experssive eyes ive ever seen and the most adorable apple head and little nose.
this littler shoudl be absolutly soooo excited!
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