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I think Paris' tummy hurts

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I put her in her exercise pen (we use that instead of a crate) and went to do a few things around the house. She kept crying & crying, so I went back to get her and she had pooped on her pad, but then stomped all it it. It was stuck to her feet, and some on the carpet too. I took her to the sink and gave her a bath and then blow dried her, then cleaned up her pen. She's been in my lap every since, but her tummy keeps rumbling. I think maybe I've given her too much canned puppy food. I feel like I've been a bad Mom. No more food until tomorrow morning. I usually feed her 4-5 meals a day b/c of the sugar attacks she had prior to us getting her. So far she hasn't had one with us. She was fine with her bath and she smells great. I just hope her tummy gets to feeling better soon. :(
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If you're worried about her having an upset tummy, you can give her a little less than a teaspoon of Pepto Bismol or, if you have some handy, 1/4 of a chewable Pepcid Complete.

Cooper would get into lots of things he shouldn't when he was a puppy (and still does, the little vagrant) and the dosages came straight from the vet's office. They seem to help when his tummy is rumbly.
cosmo had an upset tummy too last week . i gave him a bit doc meteclo (sp?) and he was fine afterwards ....after going to the toilet ofcourse

kisses nat
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