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i want a puppy, what is the best place

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i want a chihuahua puppy but i'm woried about shipping, and it getting sick and everything. So i was just wondering if anyone knew any good places that take good care of their dogs and are neer Albany, New York. Thanks for your help. :wink:

<3 kayla
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Ow wow.. you wrote that yesterday and nobody had replied :shock: You should usually have replies.. sorry
Im not recommending these places as Im in the Uk and have never bought a pup from them.. but... they're in new York...
x x x x
Hi and welcome to the forum. :wave: Sorry you didn't get a reply to your post yesterday. There aren't as many people on the site over the weekends - busy with family, yard work, house work, church, etc....

I don't live anywhere near you, but one of my suggestions would be to check the AKC site for breeders near you.

I don't know how much you have researched, so just a few words of caution. Please don't buy from a pet shop as they almost all get their puppies from puppy mills, and can have any number of health problems. Try to find a good, reputable breeder, one that does not advertise "teacups" (there is no such thing), or charge outlandish prices for smaller pups or because they have supposedly sold to "celebrities".

You might also want to check with a local chihuahua rescue.

Good luck in your search.
Thanks and i was also wondering what a normal price range would be for a puppy.
I think it all depends on whether the pup is KC REG...has it got champions in its lines... the colour ect... the usa is alot cheaper than the uk!! Here people are having to pay 1000pounds which is around 1400 us dolar! Someone from your way should be able to help you more on that....
hey I have had a look for good breeders in new york and these seem quite good but this is obviously just going on website info etc:

hope this helps in anyway :wave:
thanks a lot, you guys are very helpfull. :D
I got my puppy by going to the AKC website and finding a breeder within driving distance for me. I did a lot of research on other sites too, before deciding on my Sincy :profileright:
I agree with the posts above. Start by searching for a breeder near you, that you can visit. I just googled chihuahua and the city I live in.

I recommend visiting the breeder's house and looking/playing/interacting with the puppy. It's hard to find out about the personality by pictures. I went for short haired chi but the personality didn't mix well with mine. I wanted a more chill dog, not one that dug at the carpet, bit my shirt/collar, and scratched the couch. When I said no thanks, thats when the breeder showed me the other puppy she had, a long haired chi. It was almost double the price but well worth it. She is beautiful, playful at times, but likes to lay on my lap. Exactly the dog I wanted.

I was able to see that the breeder potty trained her dogs in a litter pan and I also got a ton of other advice from her before I left with Sammy. Dogs you get at the pet stores (even though they are from breeders) may not be potty/crate trained since they are used to living in a playpen and poop anywhere they want.

I've read that there's not really too high of a price to pay for chihuahuas, especially when you find the one you want. I found this to be true when I saw Sammy.

Good luck and feel free to PM me if you want to ask anything else.
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I checked out a few breeders neer me and i think i might have found a good one. Thanks for all your help.

Will you be staying then Kayla? (love ya name) and showing us pics?
Thanks, I will be staying and asking lots of questions, you guys are realy helpful and i could use all the halp i can get. And i would love to post some pic's once i get him/her.

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