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I agree with the posts above. Start by searching for a breeder near you, that you can visit. I just googled chihuahua and the city I live in.

I recommend visiting the breeder's house and looking/playing/interacting with the puppy. It's hard to find out about the personality by pictures. I went for short haired chi but the personality didn't mix well with mine. I wanted a more chill dog, not one that dug at the carpet, bit my shirt/collar, and scratched the couch. When I said no thanks, thats when the breeder showed me the other puppy she had, a long haired chi. It was almost double the price but well worth it. She is beautiful, playful at times, but likes to lay on my lap. Exactly the dog I wanted.

I was able to see that the breeder potty trained her dogs in a litter pan and I also got a ton of other advice from her before I left with Sammy. Dogs you get at the pet stores (even though they are from breeders) may not be potty/crate trained since they are used to living in a playpen and poop anywhere they want.

I've read that there's not really too high of a price to pay for chihuahuas, especially when you find the one you want. I found this to be true when I saw Sammy.

Good luck and feel free to PM me if you want to ask anything else.
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