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I want to keep my puppy healthy and as happy as she can be

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:wave: Hi everyone. I have been waiting for a few years to get my chi and I have finally found the one I want and I am picking her up on tuesday dec 21st. she's all black with a little bit of white on her chest and has medium length hair and I just want to know what kind of food do you recommend for her thru her life and what kind of toys should I get to keep her happy. I just want her to be completely loved (hint hint panpered) lol. if anyone can help out I would appreciate it. thanks :p
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I fed Grizzly Maximum Nutrition Lamb and Rice for Puppies that I bought at Walmart. The kibble is small and he ate it up like crazy! He now eats the same brand - same lamb and rice formula but the one for adult dogs. The kibble is still the same size which is great.

Our vet recommends that no matter what brand you buy, get lamb and rice. It's very good for them and easy to digest.

Grizzly loves the stuffed toys with squeekers in them. Any rubber toy that is kinda thin/soft---he'll chew it up in no time, so I don't buy any like that. He does have some that are really sturdy, he has a Kong, but it is really thick rubber. My best advise is to get whatever kind of toy you want, then watch very closely to see what works for your baby.
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