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I want to keep my puppy healthy and as happy as she can be

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:wave: Hi everyone. I have been waiting for a few years to get my chi and I have finally found the one I want and I am picking her up on tuesday dec 21st. she's all black with a little bit of white on her chest and has medium length hair and I just want to know what kind of food do you recommend for her thru her life and what kind of toys should I get to keep her happy. I just want her to be completely loved (hint hint panpered) lol. if anyone can help out I would appreciate it. thanks :p
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I am also a fairly new Chi owner, Poppy has been with me 3 weeks today!
I also had no previous experience with Chi's. I bought Poppy from a dog market in Beijing, not the type of place I would recommend to anyone, but I couldnt resist her!
As no one had recommended any type of food for her, I just went to the local pet store and bought Pedigree puppy food (wet) and puppy bites (kibble) because I knew that Pedigree was a well known brand and thats all there was available here! She has taken to the food well and I am just playing it by ear and learning stuff from the wonderful people in this forum.
I am sure the more experienced people will have suggestions for you...welcome!
Also, there is lots of available info on the web...good luck!
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