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I want to keep my puppy healthy and as happy as she can be

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:wave: Hi everyone. I have been waiting for a few years to get my chi and I have finally found the one I want and I am picking her up on tuesday dec 21st. she's all black with a little bit of white on her chest and has medium length hair and I just want to know what kind of food do you recommend for her thru her life and what kind of toys should I get to keep her happy. I just want her to be completely loved (hint hint panpered) lol. if anyone can help out I would appreciate it. thanks :p
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Hi and welcome!!!!! I have a list of the top ten dog food products picked out by the Whole Dog Journal...

As for toys my three just LOVE the Buudah ropes! They will play tug-o-war and chase eachother with them all day long! For some odd reason my girls are scared of the squeeker toys...such!

You might want to buy a tube of Nutra-Cal just in case. its a high calorie, high sugar product that is very tasty to your pup. Its in case your pup isnt eating enough. Such tiny dogs like chi's have problems with their blood sugar. It is very easy for their levels to drop and they will then go into hypoglycemic shock! Yes, this can kill them but its very easy to prevent. Feed your pup at least three times a day (I would start feeding 4 times a day for the first month you have her) If you pup is eating very well, then chances are your pup will be fine. If you pup comes home and refuses to eat then give her a pea-sized drop of Nutra-Cal (its like a sticky syrup). It really should only be used ifyou are afraid she is not eating enough and to keep her levels up. I would give a pea-sized drop three times a day to Ginger (my youngest and tiniest chi...was only 0.9lbs when i got her) because I was so afraid she would go into shock. After two weeks of being a paranoid mom i stopped giving the nutra-cal.

Hope this helped.
Again welcome!!!! :D

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