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all Mexican names i found online

name meaning
Arcadia - Adventurous
Damita - Little Princess
Elisa - Dedicated to God
Gitana - Gypsy
Isabel - Consecrated to God
Tierra - Earth, land
Tia -Aunt, princess
Sally - Savior
Ria - Mouth of a river
Raeka - Beautiful, unique
Neva - Covered with snow
Mandy - Harmony
Nina - Girl; grace

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Here's a list I found of spanish girl dog names! Have fun!

Belinda - A variation of the Spanish word for beautiful. This girl dog has no flaws.
Bolero - A very popular Spanish folk-dance. A great name for the dog that always seems to be dancing.
Bonita - Spanish - Beautiful.
Buena - Spanish - One who is worthy.
Charo - A wonderful name for your blonde-haired Chihuahua dog.
Chiquita - Spanish - Small. A great name for any small breed of dog.
Clarinda - Spanish - Great beauty.
Conchita - Spanish - Beginning. A great name for your first girl dog.
Consuela - Spanish - One who consoles. This girl dog is always there when you need her.
Corona - Spanish - Royal. A good name for any pure breed of dog.
Damita - Spanish - A small, respected woman. A fantastic name for any toy breed of dog that won't back down when challenged.
Delmar - Spanish - Of the sea.
Dolores - Spanish - Mary of the sorrows.
Eldora - Spanish - Term meaning covered in gold. Your blond-haired female dog would suit this name well.
Enchilada - "I'm the whole package. Everything that you could ever want in a girl dog."
Esmeralda - Spanish - An emerald.
Feliciana - Spanish - Happy.
Fiesta - "I'm always in the mood to celebrate."
Flamenco - A passionate style of Spanish guitar-music and dancing.
Gazpacho - A Spanish, tomato-based soup that is served cold.
Giselle - THE Supermodel of Supermodels.
Hermosa - Spanish - Lovely. You can't take your eyes off of this girl dog.
Inca - A tribe of Indians which developed a highly civilized Empire in South America, until conquered by the Spanish.
Inez - Spanish - Flawless. A good name for any full-blooded dog.
Isabel - Spanish - Of God.
Isabella - She was the queen of Spain who helped finance Columbus's expeditions. This girl dog is the ruler of her household.
Jacinta - Spanish - A hyacinth plant.
Juanita - Spanish - God is gracious.
Justina - Spanish - Righteous.
Larena - Spanish - Royal princess. This girl dog comes from champion blood lines.
Lempira - Monetary unit in Honduras.
Lisbon - The capital of Portugal.
Lucia - Spanish - Light bringer. This girl dog chases away the darkness.
Madre - Spanish - Mother. A great name for the dog that you intend to breed some day.
Madrid - The capital and largest city of Spain.
Malaga - A province in southern Spain, along the Mediterranean.
Manda - Spanish - Battle maiden. This girl dog doesn't mind a fight.
Manuela - Spanish - God is with us.
Marcela - Spanish - Of mars. You sometimes think this girl dog is from another planet.
Margarita - Spanish - A pearl.
Marta - Spanish - Woman.
Maya - A tribe of Indians who lived in Mexico and Central America. They had a well developed civilization.
Mercedes - Spanish - Mercy.
Natalia - Spanish - Birthday.
Natividad - Spanish - Born on Christmas day.
Neva - Spanish - Snow. This name would fit your solid-white dog very nicely.
Nina - Spanish - Girl.
Olla - Spanish - A wide-mouthed pot. A great name for your bulldog.
Orinoco - A large river which forms the boundary between Columbia and Venezuela.
Paloma - Spanish - A dove. This girl dog brings peace everywhere she goes.
Patagonia - A region in South America divided between Argentina and Chile.
Perfecta - Spanish - Without any fault. A wonderful name for any pure-bred dog.
Pilar - Spanish - A foundation, column or pillar. This girl dog adds stability to your life.
Querida - Spanish - Someone you hold dear. This girl dog occupies a special place in your heart.
Queen - "Every animal is my subject."
Quechua - A South American Indian tribe which thrived during the Incan Empire.
Quito - The capital of Ecuador.
Ramona or Mona - Spanish - A very powerful and wise protector of the people. This girl is a wonderful guard dog.
Reina - Spanish - Queen. This girl dog demands the royal treatment.
Ria - Spanish - A river.
Rosa - Spanish - A rose.
Rosalinda - Spanish - A beautiful rose.
Rosario - The 2nd largest city in Argentina.
Rumba - A dance which originated amongst the Cubans.
Samba - This is a dance of Brazil which came from Africa.
Sancha - Spanish - Holy.
Santiago - The capital of Chile.
Savannah - Spanish - An open plain.
Tamale - "I love all things Mexican."
Valencia - A Mediterranean port in Spain.
Ventura - Spanish - Good fortune.
Xaviera - Spanish - The owner of a new house.

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LOL Just a few Brodysmom
ha ha, I know. I had that list from a long time ago when someone else asked about mexican girl names. Just copied and pasted. :coolwink:

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Chica is cute =0)
Luna (moon)
Mariposa (Butterfly)
Bella (beautiful)
Delinda (of beauty)
Lela (born at night)
Flora (flower)
Fauna (animal life)

not spanish but cute:

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