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Cooper said:
If he has specific spots he likes to poop in, try the red balloon technique. It worked for me when Cooper was poopin' under my bed, the little rapscallion.

Take a balloon, blow it up really big and show it to your dog. Make him interested in it, play with it, etc. THEN, all of a sudden, pop it. Make sure he's watching when it pops, but that he's not too close to it. (also remember to check later and make sure there isn't any balloon shrapnel he can eat.)

When it pops, run like h-ell and scream like you just had the poop scared out of you. Be sure not to trip over the dog because he'll be running slightly faster than you. Make sure if there is anyone else in the room, they scream and run as well.

The next day, blow up another balloon. Show it to the dog - he probably won't want to come near it. If he shows any interest at all in it, play with it, pop it, run like h-ell and scream.

Then, all you have to do is blow up balloons and put them in the spots where he normally poops. Leave them there for a while - up to a week. You can start off with 3 or 4 of them and take one away every other day but if the popping of the balloons worked, he will NOT want to go near that spot, even after they disappear.

And if he does, just blow up more balloons and put them back. I put about 20 of them under my bed when I was out to get Cooper and just left them there, since they weren't in my way.

Good luck!!

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1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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