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labtestedchi said:
Cooper said:
labtestedchi said:
For some reason I found my little dogs were much harder to train than my labs. I don't know why but it was. lol.
I think it's because we treat the little ones differently from the big ones. The little ones are cradled and treated more like humans than the big guys are, therefore, we're more leniant with them.

I have 4 dogs..2 labs and 2 chis and they really aren't treated any differently..especially when it comes to training..I am a firm trainer. I won't have an untrained dog in my home even it does only weigh 4 lbs. There is nothing worse than an untrained dog.

The only difference is that the chis are allowed on the furniture and the labs aren't. They are spoiled with toys and treats and all kinds of bling and eat quite well :) (We feed part raw along with kibble)

I found my male chi was a tad hardheaded and I think that accounted for something.
Yay for you labtestedchi. I'm the same as you! I have a golden retreiver and a chi and I also will not tolerate a dog that is not housebroken in my home. And, just like you the chi is allowed on the furniture but not the golden. He's just plain too big and hairy, there would be no room left for me to sit. But, otherwise they are both spoiled rotten in other ways.

I'm probably going to get my head bit off for this....but, someone else said that chi's or small dogs are harder to train because we treat them differently. I have to agree with this. I think because chi's are so cute and cuddly and small, we tend to not be as firm with them as we would be with a larger dog. Their poos and pees are so much smaller that I think some people think it's not as big of a deal. I know, if my golden peed in the house just once, I'd be freaking out. He stands and pees for like 5 minutes, my house would be flooded. I'll tell you what, if it ever did happen, it would only be once....I'd make sure of that. And....(boy am I going to get my head bit off, but this is my opinion).....unless there is a really good reason why you need to use pee pads for litter or anything else, if your ultimate goal is for them to go outside eventually, then that is how you need to start out. I honestly believe it is too confusing for them. They are allowed to go in the house and then all of a sudden they're not!

By the way.....that balloon thing is hilarious!
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