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My honey made my 10 year wish come true 1 week ago today. I came home after a LONG day at work to find a 7 week old itty-bitty Chi pup waiting on me. It takes a lot to surprise me (stun is a better word) but he managed! Obviously I've had pups before, but this little fur-baby is a whole new world! Pad training is going as well as can be expected (I've very patient), he's eating well, exploring his new world and bonding with his new parents very well.

So what's brought me here? This little critter is the most confusing pound of love I've ever been around!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's with his NEED to be on my shoulders when I'm on the couch...digging around in my hair? He is facinated by this! I LOVE it when he climbs into my fella's t-shirt sleeve, crawls up next to his chest and falls into a peaceful sleep, but again...WHAT? The burrowing of the face into anything available? Precious, yes. WHAT GIVES?

I'm in no way complaining about these traits. I'm just hoping to understand my little guy a bit better.

Oh, lastly a couple of serious questions: He's had his first round of shots, but should he go back to the vet before the next round, even if he's healthy? AND, how much food should he be eating daily at this young age? He's on Science Diet toy & tiny breed and doing well. I don't want to overfeed him but I don't wanna starve the baby either!

Thanks so much! I'll be turning to you ALL as my itty-bitty wiggles his cute little butt deeper into my heart!
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