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I'm a new Grandma! (I should have added it's fur kids) LOL

Of fur kids that is!!! LOL Both of my boys rescued dogs from their local kill shelter in their city.

This is Callie. She is 10 months old and is a Lab. She was turned in because she dug holes in the yard. Of course, my son wouldn't want her to dig her way out, but he's OK with the digging he says. lol

She is the sweetest thing!!! She will follow you around and just wants to be loved. He bought his first house back in July and has been wanting a dog. He has a huge, great backyard for her and a great shop that he is making plans for her to have her very own special house.

This is Daisy. The people that dropped her off said they found her so the shelter guessed her around 8-10 months old, but when she was spayed Monday, the vet said 6 months old. She had to be spayed before they could get her. She will be an inside dog. This son bought his house in September, and my DIL was going to bring her Yorkie to live with them, but if you remember she was snake-bitten and died. My son is in love with her, and I am so thankful she loves him and is not afraid of him. My DIL says she's about the size of 1 1/2 Lulus, but I think she's more like 2 Lulus. lol They said she was a Chi mix--maybe with JRT? What do ya'll think?

Anyway, both families are thrilled with their new additions to the family. I can't say all the dogs have been introduced to each other as Lulu probably wouldn't care for her new relatives if she were aware of them! :D
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