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Im A newbie

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Hello my name is Brianna and im from Ohio im 14(almost15though)
Uhmm I love chihuahuas well duh but thats about it
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Hi, nice to meet you. :wave:

That is one big picture of Britney :dontknow: You ought to find you a cute chihuahua picture instead. :)
tattdangel said:
That is one big picture of Britney :dontknow: You ought to find you a cute chihuahua picture instead. :)
Good point! Vala, Zabet and Anna make excellent siggys, quite tasteful too! :wink:

Welcome! :wave:
It's just that some of us here find people like Britney and Paris offensive b/c they use their pets more like a fashion accessory.

Welcome! Tell us about your Chihuahua! :wave:
Hi there welcome :wave: Why not get yourself a cute valentine siggy made with your chi in it? :D :wave:
hi :wave:
Vala, ChihuahuaMommie is getting a Chihuahua this weekend - you ought to go to her post in Names to see a picture of him ( ) he is as cute as a button!

Good luck picking up your little guy on Saturday, I hope it goes well! :wave:
I dont think we should judge too harshly we dont know her..... :?
Hello and welcome!
Your chi puppy is sooooo cute! You must be very excited.
I hope you continue to post here. Some of us can get very touchy about the breed and even though we mean well, sometimes we can over-react. Do you have any questions for us before you get your little chi?? Please feel free to continue to post here!

Hi and welcome - :wave:
Hello I saw the pic of your baby and he is a real cutie. :wave:
Sorry about the britney siggy i changed it it's nothing fancy i made it in the regular paint program b/c i dont got psp7 on my computer yet.......i will be posting new pictures of my chi soon we just brought him home and we found out he was born on Christmas!
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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