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I have been gone too long!! But I am back.Punky is now a year old.
I have lived in Puerto Rico for 7 years. It's beautiful and tropical here.
Punky freezes everytime we go to a cold climate to visit. She is an only
"'dog child" but has 3 cat (siamese) sisters and two human sisters. Punky is a brindle,which all the Vets tell me is a very unusual Chi color (any comments on that). Every Vet has said she's the first brindle they have seen. Punky weighs 4 lbs. I love they way she looks directly into my eyes. (Is that also a Chi trait?) I will probably get another Chi when she is maybe 5 yrs. old. Right now it is very easy to travel everywhere with only one.
I am still struggling with the avatar çause all pictures I have are too big but I'll figure it out evntually to get her on here! :(
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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