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Ms_P said:
SC, may I ask where you live?
I live in Maryland and Sandy and Koke seem to both be having tummy problems too. No throwing up, just having diarhea.
I took them to the vet about 1 1/2 weeks ago and he gave them a shot and gave me some pills called Metronidazole that they took for 1 week, and some of that special diet i/d.
They have taken all the pills now and after they were on the i/d for a couple of days they seemed back to normal, but the diarehea kept reacurring for Koke so I would put them back on the i/d food.
Now they both have the diarehea back.
The vet said he thought they had some kind of virus. I was just wondering if there is something going around.
Ms P that sounds a lot like what I have been going thru with Annabelle. She did have some other strange symptoms but at this point I don't know if they are related to what is wrong with her.

I live in the N.W. corner of South Carolina. Annabelle took a round of the Metronidazole a few weeks ago and then began to get sick again. Her diarreah was not that bad so they began to look in other areas. As I said earlier, I asked to give her another round of that med. before persuing other causes. Now Callie is sick so I'm encouraged that it is just some sort of virus or something. Callie is getting the Metronidazole too. Cody has not been sick but I am watching him carefully.

My vet mentioned Giardia. I believe Giardia is a parasite that an animal can pick up from another infected animal or drinking from mud puddles or stagnet water. Humans can also get it so wash your hands really good after cleaning up after your dogs. (Just in case this may be what your dogs have) There is a test that they can do for that but my vet's office didn't have what was needed to do it. They have ordered the supplies.

If there is anything else I can tell you, let me know! :wave: Sorry your dogs are sick. I hope they get well soon!

So far everyone is doing pretty good today. Annabelle is still not feeling a 100% but she seems to be feeling better. Thanks for you good wishes and postive thoughts everyone! :)
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