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I'm getting a baby boy Chiua

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Hello my name is aydee and this is my first time getting a chiua. My grandma is getting him for Christmas. I'm driving to L.A. to pick him up, he'll be 3 weeks old and I'm looking for a name for this little baby. The only name I have that I like is " Obie ". I would like something spanish, since I'm Latina. So if you guys can help me find a name. Thank you and I hope you guys are having fun with your puppies. :D
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:D oooh! CONGRATS and WELCOME!!! :wave: I wanted to name mine, Pancho, but my bf couldn't pronounce it :roll: Now,his name is Stinky. :D
He'll be 3 weeks old when you get him? Or he's 3 weeks old now? Please don't take him away from his dog Momma too soon!
I think she means 3 weeks now, even that would be too soon though. I can't imagine any breeder selling a puppy that young (I hope not :( ).

Congratulations on your chihuahua though, you're really going to love him. I love my doggies, they are like my kids :) .
I like the name Manchito! Good luck with your new puppy! What a nice Christmas present!
Kemo's mamma said:
Isn't that a girls name?

I think the masculine form would be Pepito.

How about Pepee, Ricardo, Miguel, Pancho, Cisco....
Congrats on your baby I am sure you will love him to pieces. I hope that was a typo or something about the age. Puppies really shouldn't be taken away from mom until at least 10 weeks. I like the name Nino :D
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