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Im getting my 8 week old little girl tomorrow! Yay!

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Hi All...just to let you know im getting my 8 week old little long haired girl tomorrow. I was supposed to have her at 10 weeks of age. But as shes doing so well im having her a bit earlier. I trust my breeder as shes always said it all depends on how the puppy is doing etc. Im also going to take her for a checkup at the vets on the way home. Ive got her bed and toys waiting here for her. I cant wait! :D
Will post pics :wink:
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Seren said:
. Ive got her bed and toys waiting here for her. I cant wait! :D
Will post pics :wink:
And her PINK kittiwalker :D Good luck!
Yes and her pink stroller lol. My ex thinks ive gone mad and took a pic of it with his mobile to show people ! :lol:
Im glad you are happy :D but it really has nothing to do with "how well shes doing" thats great but its about socialisation from Mother and littermates, these next couple of weeks is when she learns alot about bite inhibition etc, good luck :wave:
Thanx for the advice Clare, and i do appreciate it. But i DO trust my breeder. Shes very experienced indeed with the breed, and has always put the puppys first.She made sure that i knew i would only have the puppy at the right time for the pup itself. I was obviously prepared to wait untill whenever to have long as my puppy was doing well. I definately wasnt in a rush. :)
How exciting!! I can't wait to see pics!!!!! :D
I will try and post them tomorrow :wink:
oooh Seren, you lucky thing! you must be so excited!
Try and take some piccies, (if you even get a minute to yourself to begin with!) :D
It would be lovely to see her, and the best of luck for tomorrow :)
:eek:ccasion7: CONGRATULATIONS!! :eek:ccasion7:

I know you are so excited to be getting your baby tomorrow. I look forward to seeing LOTS of pictures of her. :D
Thanx everyone :D Ill definately post pics :wink:
hope you wait flies by :clock: and congratulations :eek:ccasion9:
Congratulations on the new arrival!!!!!!!!
Thanks :D I still need a pretty name for her. Ill see what shes like after ive spent more time with her. Last time i saw her she was 4 weeks old lol.
congrats.. I am glad you are taking her to the vet on your way home. that will reassure you that everything is good..
you must be sooooooo excited its a great feeling getting a new baby chi you just wanna show em off everywhere awww post pics as soon as you can awwwwwwww makes me broody
I am new here...You are so lucky! Congrats xxx
Oh I can't wait for pictures of your new darling and her pink stroller.
OH yeah!!! I am excited for you!!! WE want lots of pictures!! :D
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