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I'm looking for a jacket pattern

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I'd like to make Mr. Bently a tough boy type jacket. any links patterns or suggestions?
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No patterns to offer, but how about a Varsity Jacket type coat, or a rough denim?
Not sure where you live, but our Target has the CUTEST jean jackets for dogs. If you have one near you, go check them out.
I don't know about patterns but, we have little fake black leather biker jackets for our chis we got from e-bay for $10.-$14. each and we also got denim jackets from e-bay that we put iron on patches on of Guns n Roses and the other-Metallica--(both were stolen) There are plenty of patches out there!
Who would steal a dog coat? Now that's a new low! :shock: :roll:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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