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I'm Oliver's mom and new here

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Hello everyone. This is my first time here. I am "Oliversmom" - Oliver is my one year old chihuahua - my first chi - and the love of my life. He will be one year old in a week or so.

I am just excited to get to know more people who love and understand chihuahua's. I'm sure I'll learn a lot and it will be a great resource to come to when I have questions.

I only have one at this time about ears. Oliver, as I said is almost one, his ears have gone up and down but for many months now one ear is totally erect, and the other mostly floppy. Is he still in the teething stage where this may be the cause or I wonder if at this point in his life, I can assume the one ear may never stand up all the way? It isn't a big deal to me because I could not love him more if I tried. But I have read teething can be the cause of ears doing that - but why one up and one down - and I'm not sure if at a year he would still be teething that much?

If my attachment works, there should be a picture of Oliver here. Not sure I did it right - we'll find out :lol:

Peg from KY
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Hi and welcome to you and your baby boy! :wave: He is sooo adorable! Please post more pictures soon.

Sorry I can't help about the ears or teething, as I've never had a baby chi. But lots of folks here will be more than happy to help. :)
New Oliver picture :)

Thanks for your welcome. I love to share pictures of Oliver - so I'm more than happy to oblige :p This picture is Oliver watching an animal show on Animal Planet - one of his FAVORITE things is Animal Planet - and what was on the show at that time was a chihuahua as I recall. :D

Peg aka Oliver's mom
Oh my goodness Oliver is so cute. Love the picture of him watching animal planet.

Thanks for the nice welcome - everyone!

Peg aka Olivers mom
Oliver is adorable and I love the pic of him watching Animal Planet. :wave:
Welcome! Oliver is adorable!! :wave:
Welcome Oliver and Olivers mom!!!!!!!! :wave: :wave:
Oliver is so cute. You can post tons of pics of him as far as I am concerned I could look at him all day. :D
Welcome.....Oliver has good taste in TV programs !! He is adorable.
Hello & welcome :wave: Oliver is adorable and really into animal planet too cute. The tips of both of Auggies ears flop but sometimes he puts up one or both. When he has one up we call it his rakish look :lol:
Welcome!! That last pic is too funny!!! Oliver is adorable!!! :wave:
Welcome :wave: !! what a cute baby boy u have!

Love n hugs

S xXx
hi and welcome to you and your chi from me and my Chi! lol! I have just bought my first Chi too although he is 2 years old and i have not experianced teething problems etc. but anyway good look on that. you will learn alot i sure have. Every one is very friendly and will provide you will alot of information! Have fun exploring the forum! And by the way you Chi looks so beautiful and adorable!

xfeex and xdeanox
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