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I have been looking for a chi message board for about 3 years. The ones I have came across didn't get much activity. This one seems to get alot.
My name is Nickole and my hubby's name is George. We have 2 chi, Jax who is 6 and Benny who is 8. We also have a Jack Russell Terrier named Maddie who is 3. We have 2 cats too, so it's definitely a zoo at our house.
I hope this works. I have attached my webshots website in my siggy so hopefully it comes across ok. There are pics of me, my hubby and a few of my sweetie's. I will post more of my babies tomorrow. I just need to take some more tonight. I can't wait to get to know everyone better and see everyone's beautiful chi's. We live in Columbus, Ohio, so if anybody lives near me maybe we could get together for a play date.
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