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Hello to all you fellow chi-lovers!! I'm so thankful I found this site to talk with people everywhere who love and enjoy their darling and daring chihuahuas as much as we do. Now, that said, I found you because I was looking for help!!! Please be patient with me, but I want to make sure to explain thoroughly. Our Lulu will be 4 years old this month and has always been healthy and her behavior as dependable as clockwork. I feel I do need to let you know she never goes outside and is trained to a puppy pad. I make sure she gets plenty of excercise, but we don't live where it is safe for her to be outside. 2 1/2 weeks ago my parents' 7 month old Maltese puppy that also lives with us got very sick--throwing up first then diahrea. After 3 trips to 2 different vets and 3 different medications--she is well. (1st unknown cause and given anti-nausea med and stomach ulcer med. When diahrea showed up--given metronidazole for parasite. Then 3rd vet found coccidia and gave albon. She was also on homemade chicken & rice diet and plain yogurt for 1 1/2 week) I told you that because I tried to keep them apart so Lulu would not think she could eat what the puppy was eating, but it was impossible. The vet said Lulu would not get what Gidget (Maltese) had, but after a very few times of couple of bites of chicken & rice and several spoons of yogurt Lulu WOULD NOT eat her food any more! Blue Buffalo Lamb and Rice. I switched her to Blue Buffalo Chicken & Rice and she loves it. Now that I have built you a clock as my dad would say here is my problem--Lulu has ALWAYS slept all night long buried under the cover so deep she makes a terrible watchdog! For the past 5 days she will sleep for about 2 hours then she wants out from under the cover and she is wide AWAKE!!! walks around on us, runs off the bed, and shivers like she's scared of something. I have fed her in the middle of the night thinking she's hungry. I'm worried she caught something from the puppy but her stool is normal and she has not thrown up. She is fine during the day, but I don't know what is wrong with her at night. Should I take her to the vet and have test run or is this behavioral. What do I do? I can normally count on her to behave the same. I know I have written a book, but I don't know where to turn. I thought a website of chihuahua people was the perfect answer!
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