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I keep checking on Jolie's last litter mate, who hasn't been sold yet. The lady has even reduced the price. I would soooo love to bring her home with me but can't afford the cost even though the seller has dropped the price to $500. She looks soooo much like Jolie, too. :( When i emailed this lady to say that i noticed she still had this puppy, she said the puppy will probably sell,,, but if not she'll just make a "breeder" out of her. Oh God, i hope not. I SOOO want this puppy to have a home with someone who loves her. :cry:
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I think Jolie is cuter, although her sis is a cutie.

Plus, you don't need another dog. You've got Boomer. :)
Eight is enough. And you have to keep Boomer so he can be the "black sheep (or chi)" of the family! Plus, I'll cry if he goes away. You don't want to make me cry, do you? :crybaby:
I have a plan for Boomer.

What you need to do is make him Daddy's Little Boy (or DLB). Make sure they spend lots of quality time together. Then, it won't be YOUR chi, it'll be HUBBY'S chi and he won't be able to get rid of him.

OOOHHH... football season is starting... make sure Boomer's in Dad's lap for the games. They can do boy stuff together like drinking beer, burping really loud and watching sports on TV. Nothing bonds two men like beer, burping and sports.

Be sure to tell Boomer the plan, too. That way he knows what he needs to do. Tell him to use his best "teach me about football" face when he's around Dad.

This is SO in the bag. :D
sjc said:
Wow! That is a great idea! could always give Boomer to Cooper's Mom! :wink: :D
LOL we've already been through this. If I could afford vet bills, etc for a new puppy, I'd be picking him up next weekend while I'm in the DFW area. It breaks my heart that I can't afford a new puppy or, in this case, Boom-Booms. :crybaby:

Although... if hubby says to get rid of Boom-Booms, I might have to go get him and me, Cooper, OmaKitty and Boomer can live in a box on the street. It would have to be a big box. OmaKitty would want her own room.
LOL I got my invisible vet degree today. No more vet bills for me, especially the non-invisible ones! :lol:

<sigh> I don't have any rich relatives teetering on the edge of death that still like me. If I did, I wouldn't need an invisible vet ... or an invisible super-tiny mega-teacup ultra-pocket sized chi that lives in your ear.
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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