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I keep checking on Jolie's last litter mate, who hasn't been sold yet. The lady has even reduced the price. I would soooo love to bring her home with me but can't afford the cost even though the seller has dropped the price to $500. She looks soooo much like Jolie, too. :( When i emailed this lady to say that i noticed she still had this puppy, she said the puppy will probably sell,,, but if not she'll just make a "breeder" out of her. Oh God, i hope not. I SOOO want this puppy to have a home with someone who loves her. :cry:
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Cooper said:
LOL I got my invisible vet degree today. No more vet bills for me, especially the non-invisible ones! :lol:

<sigh> I don't have any rich relatives teetering on the edge of death that still like me. If I did, I wouldn't need an invisible vet ... or an invisible super-tiny mega-teacup ultra-pocket sized chi that lives in your ear.
Well poop...Hey,,,go on over to the pictures and see Boomer...I couldn't get the small picture of him the right was either too big or not big enough...Ffft! Oh welll...go see :lol:
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