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im so unlucky and i meant to be getting ruby tommorrow!

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i have had the worst day ever i have a water infection and throat infection and conjuntivitus then i woke up this morning to have to have my bobby put down which was so horrible then this afternoon i wake up covered in spots and have got to go doctors again its my day to pick ruby up tommorrow and it seems like everything is going wrong i feel terrible all i want is to chill at home with my babies and my new baby and i wanna do a spot in the garden for bobby i so need to stop being ill!
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i'm sorry you feel so bad ....i hope you get better soon !!!! think of Ruby :wink:

kisses nat
How awful. I hope you get to feeling better soon. And I am so terribly sorry about Bobby. You did the best you could. Just think Ruby will be home soon.

Get well soon {{{hugs}}} sorry to hear about Bobby :(
hope you feel better soon :wave: Im sorry about bobby :cry:
Aww i'm so sorry to hear you lost your dog, you must allow yourself to grieve though even though you're picking Ruby up tomorrow and that's a happy thing. I remember I lost my first ever pet cat and we had to go get a new kitten to keep the vermin down on the farm, but I was totally heartbroken for weeks and weeks.

I can sympathise about the spots, i'm exactly the same today! I've got pills from the doctor for them and an appointment with a dermatologist. You should ask your doctor for something for them. I know I always feel worse depending on how my skin looks. Just a girl thing I think :roll:

Hope you feel better soon, I'm sure you will with time.

I'm so sorry :( Sending positive and get well wishes your way! Hope things will be better tomorrow!! :)
:( So sorry to hear about your kitty. I hope you get well soon and Ruby brings you tons of love and fun
Sorry to hear you have not been feeling well, and hope things work out so you can stll pick up Ruby tomorrow.

Also, sorry to hear about Bobby. :cry:

Hoping you feel better real soon.
i know you are feeling like you are having a bad day but just think of all the good things, you have all your chi's your pug etc. im sorry about your cat r.i.p it was for the best (*hugs*)
I'm so sorry about Bobby too :( Hope you start feeling better and enjoy your new Ruby :wave:
I'm so sorry about your kitty! I hope things look up very soon! :(
Gosh, I'm so sorry you've having such a bad week. I hope it all turns around when you get Ruby!
thanks all iv spoken to my b/f coz i didnt think i would be able to go down and get ruby i cant drive at the mo coz of keep fainting so he is gonna drive so im stil going to get her my b/f is going on holiday thursday so il have all week to just relax at hme with all my babies so if all goes to plan with no more probs il have a chilled week which i really need rite now
awww Vicki you have had a tough week. It must of been hard for you to say bye to bobby... put him on the rainbow bridge...have we seen pics of him before? I hope you get well soon... hopefully Ruby will be just the medicine to put a smile on your face! Lucky you getting her tommorow!! I have 22 days! But will be visiting soon! Hows Jacobs showing doing? Have you dont anything since Windsor? Ive had my shannon of 12 years (who lives with her sister) in to the vet to have 2 lumps in her breast removed.. so they took 2 breasts away (at least dogs have more than 2) and she has a lump removed in her side and we are awaiting the results. She went back today to ge the stiches out but they wanna keep them in because she can get quite excited and thei afraid she'll jump an hurt the wound. My mums not well so Im having to take the lil bro to school ect... and I never ever see my mum unwell. And I have an ear infection so off to the doctors at 5 tommorow.
My thoughts are with you Vicki and I hope as the days pass yoou start to feel better... who wouldnt with that Ruby eh? :wave: ... :wave:
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Boy, you are just having the week from He**. I hope everything brightens for you the minute you take hold of Ruby. I imagine she will be awfully good medicine. :)
So sorry to hear about Bobby :( You did the best you could. Sorry, your not feeling well. Spots, fainting ? have you been diagnosed. If not you should really go to Doc. Hoping you feel better. On the bright side Ruby is coming home! Now, if that isnt a cure all. Dont forget dont hog her to yourself when she first gets home Share! we want pics!
yeah its coz i have bad throat infection and water infection and bad eye doc said the rash is prob as i have caught all them bugs and one min im freezing the next m baking going toget ruby in an hour so im just gonna rest in the car the whole way there and back should be ok will update you all this after noon cant wait to get home and just chill with my babies
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