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I found this post in a different forum, and thought I should share it with you guys.

Important Alert For Any Dog or CatOwner- Advantix,Advantage, Frontline,BioSpot...TOPICAL Flea products...PLEASE CROSSPOST!!

I want to relay my personal experience with a topical flea product as
well as share info that I discovered after researching this all.
Hopefully my experience as well as the info below may prevent this
tragedy from happening to you & your pets as well as anyone you
know who has pets that you want to share this with.

In early Oct after bathing all 3 of my dogs, I realized I only had 2
tubes of Advantage.

It was late Saturday PM so I ran over to Petsmart's Banfield vet
clinic, to get another tube. They said they no longer carried Advantage
or Frontline, products that I've
safelyused for years. They said they only sold a product called K-9
said it was the same thing only better (has an ingredient in it to
repel mosquitos). I didn't buy it at first, I raced home & searched
the net, found that it is made by Bayer, who also makes Advantage so I
went back & got it. They only had 1 tube left so they put it in a
prescription bottle (without including the little info flyer).

Later that evening I put this on my 11 yr old sheepdog mix &
right away he started running around reaching at his rear &
scratching like crazy. I'm thinking he must have had more fleas than
I realized. I do not have a flea problem at my house, I treat my yard
& have no carpet. I blow him dry & had only found a couple of
fleas. Late on Saturday evening, he finally stopped scratching &
going berserk & went to sleep - I thought he was just exhausted but
the next morning I realized that he was almost comatose. I had to
call his name loudly & he could just barely raised his head in
response. I immediately put in a call to the vet & in the meantime
scoured the web for a way to handle this. I was horrified when I
found a public forum addressing this product (see link below). Instead of
finding a remedy for side effects on the Bayer site it was on this
forum that I found it. I even read (on this forum) that Bayer
admitted to one petowner that they had not done extensive testing on this
product as was done on other products. Later the vet called & said
to get it off of him immediately. (scrub with Dawn dishwashing liquid
& rinse, rinse, rinse). He was so lethargic he couldn't even stand
up in the tub, I had to prop his head up to get this washed off of

He was much better within just hours of getting it off but it still
took 7+ days for him to get back to normal. About 4-5 days (still a
bit unstable but much better) I took him for a walk. Well, he fell
really hard coming up the concrete steps & then slid backwards down
them. I got him to the vet to find there was an incredible amount of
damage done to the cartilege in his throat & a hole the size of a
nickel. They cleaned it really good but left the opening so it could
drain. Of course it healed & closed within a day. After running
to the vet daily for almost a week to have them drain the fluid she
put in a drain tube. After a month, the vet finally said that had to come
out. He is also on antibotics for well over a month. When it
continued to worsen the vet ran some blood tests& told me they had found
cancer cells (melanoma) in his throat & that it was spreading &
there was nothing more they could do for him, to take him home &
give him anything he wanted to make him happy & comfortable. She
said she gave him maybe 3 weeks (12/18/06) . I am in shock!

I immediately made an appointment for the next day, with a vet that
specializes in canine cancer & disease. This vet looked at his
wound & agreed with the diagnosis. She told me that she had also
used this K-9 Advantix on her own dog who had a really bad reaction
to it as well ( rolling her eyes she said... "but we still sell it") I
asked her if she felt that this product could be responsible for this
cancerous invasion or if maybe he just was predisposed genetically to
have cancer or just what since he was otherwise healthy prior to my
using K-9 Advantix?. She hestitated a minute & very carefully said
"Well (a very long well), I can't say that the K-9 Advantix actually
caused the cancer... and No, he was not just predisposed to have
cancer... cancer cells just seem to come from nowhere when/where
there is a weakened part of the body." The vet said that while he may not
be in any pain right now (melanoma cancers aren't painful like bone
or internal cancer) that since this was a rapid moving cancer it could
spread to other parts of his body & at some point he could have
lots of pain. She said that since the mass is in his throat that the
day would probably come that he would not be able to swallow. The
first thing I do every morning is offer him a little piece of cheese to
make sure he can still swallow & am soooo relieved when he eats. She
says that everything could change to bad as quickly as overnight.

This cancer is growing massive on his throat (02/01/07) but he seems
to not be in much distress - he sleeps a lot more but perks up fast
if you ask him if he wants to go for a walk or ride. When I call his
name, even if he is too tired to raise his head, he always wags that
tail. Some days are good (Thank God for Rymadil)... & some days
are not as good.

I am dreading the day he takes a real turn for the worse & am
just thankful that today he is seems to not be in pain. He wags his
tail (along with his entire body) ever so humbly when I call his name
& then stares directly into my heart & my soul when he looks at
me - he knows that he is loved & he trust me with his entire
being. I feel such guilt when I look back into those eyes, knowing
what I've done to him by using this poison. I am happy and so
grateful for the time that I will have left with him - just tormented
it will end very soon. He has been the best friend in the world.


There are 2 main pesticides used in both Advantage & also K-9
Advantix. I did not research the one pesticide that is common in both
since I have used Advantage for years with no problem. The other
pesticide found in K-9 Advantix but not in Advantage is permethrin
(the mosquito repellent - also used to kill termites). I am shocked at
what I have found.

Also searched for info on this product & it's relation/link to
cancer. and found the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has classified
permethrin as a suspected carcenogen.. .
http://www.scorecar < cancer&all_p= t9
(compliled of records and reports from the EPA)
also listed here as a definite carcenogen (don't know which is more
http://www.safe2use <

Read the comments in this public forum re: K-9 Advantix - it's not
just me with this problem... http://www.dogsonly
< click on
message board on right side side then find the topic K-9 Avdantix.
Most recent comments are at the end.

Still another public forum that also warns about BIO SPOT ...
http://www.elverson <http://www.elverson/

Read this article written by a Florida Veterinarian. .
Topical Flea Control Products: What's the difference?
http://floridapetpa <

Even more Horrible facts....... .
K-9 Advantix can be/ is toxic to
dogs if it is applied where they could possibly lick it or if a puppy
playmate were to get it in their mouths playing & wrestling around
with a dog that has this on. Unlike Advantage that is applied between
the shoulder blades, K-9 Advantix is to be applied in several spots
down the dogs back.

No adult dog topical flea products should ever be used on a toy or
miniature breed - only applications for puppies should ever be used
on these breeds - even if they are adult.

The product, K-9 Advantix is highly toxic to cats, even if it is on
your dog & the cat gets it on itself.

I am amazed that this is the only topical flea application that
Petsmart's Banfield clinic sells, knowing how many of their petowner
clients have both dogs & cats. Petsmarts Banfield clinic never
even me asked if I had cats - I have 6. I spoke to a mgr. at Petsmart
who got the number for Banfield corporate office for me told me that
Petsmart doesn't own Banfield. He rescues cats (has like 16 or so)
& told me he wouldn't use Banfield for anything ever - what does
that tell you?? What do you think he knows & we don't!

The Vet told me that right now the best & safest topical flea
application is Advantage - she even said that Frontline isn't working
anymore. She told me there is a new product that will be introduced
early 2007 but said she was going to keep a watchful eye on that
product even before she would use it on her own dog. I think many
vets won't speak against these products - don't know why! Guess they don't
want to ruin their relationship with Bayer or maybe they are under
some sort of contract.

Please if you love your babies - please don't use K-9 Advantix on
them!!!!!!! ! !! even if you are using it & it seems to be OK -
they do not know enough about it & by Bayers own admission it was
not thoroughly tested. I don't think anyone knows about the long term
effects. Please please please Protect your babies & never use
this poison on them! Pat in Atlanta
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