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In memory of Abby

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posted for Cass

For Abby:
Today marks the one year anniversary of my beautiful Fox Terrier, Abby,
going to the Rainbow Bridge.
Abby was a special dog who only spent a few short years on earth, but
that time she taught me so much.
Abby showed me the unconditional love a dog offers its owner.
Abby showed me the never waving companionship a dog offers.
Abby showed me what it was to laugh when all I felt like doing was
Abby was not just my pet, she was my best friend.
Time may pass, but it never completley heals all wounds. Not a day goes
by that I don't think about Abby, but more often then not now I
her with happiness and laughter, rather then tears. Though I will carry
with me the pain of missing her till the end of my day.

This is a dedication to my beautiful angel, Abby, who waits just
the gates of Heaven at a wonderful place called The Rainbow Bridge
we meet again.
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So sorry for your loss, Cass. :cry: We never completely get over losing a loved one but the pain does diminish with time. It's good that you're able to focus on the good memories now. Abby knew you loved her and she knows you love her still.

If I didn't believe in the Rainbow Bridge I'm not sure I'd want to go on living.
so sorry cass. r.i.p (*hugs*) :cry: :cry: :cry:
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