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Hey hey!! Yes I do use them and quite successfully lol!

The biggest misconception (and why I'm guessing most of these get returned) is because people get them and assume your dog will believe it's real grass and use it, like it does the grass outdoors.

Well, people just think their doggies are REALLY dumb because there's most definitely a difference between soft grass and synthetic plastic. =P Most dogs have no clue what they're there for.. and honestly the grass is more of a thing to appeal to the owners (as opposed to a litter box, or pee pads that look icky.) It feels weird under their paws as most have never felt anything like it; and peein' or pooin' on it is not the first thing that comes to mind LOL

So the dog definitely needs to be trained to use it; just like any other regimine. Starting over from basics; keeping a hawks eye on them and moving them there to potty each time. Or, the way that I did it which IMO was waaay easier; set up a pen like this:

Since the dog knows its bed-half is for sleeping; it's natural aversion to soiling its bed makes them move to the opposite side when they have to go. And voila; while you're gone or asleep your dog is potty training itself. It'll get used to the substrate; so that even when roaming around the house; if it can see & smell one they will know the proper place to go.

As far as cleaning, they are a PITA in winter time. We replace all our grassy parts 1once a year (we have 3 pads, but realize that our dogs go outside 80% of the time and they're only around as back-up now. Otherwise we just take them outside like, once a week and hose them off with a little dish soap.. Lay everything against the garage to dry and that's it. Some people put pee pads under one of the bottom layers to absorb, but I found it was a waste of my money if I was gonna use pads just as much too LOL. And for poop, I'd just pick it up whenever I noticed it with toilet paper and flushed it. Nothing i the pads controls odors so thats why we pick everything up right away. But, our dogs eat raw and their poop is odorless anyway, ha... its just a habit for me since I'm a neat freak.

So yeah, I love them. They're a great tool and yes they do look nicer than pads or litter boxes. Most people that visit don't really know what they are.. We have one in our bedroom; one in the main room; and another that we keep in the above pictured pen for any of the younger ones or not yet reliable ones.
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