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We have not mastered going potty #2 on her UGODOG though...any idea why this is and what I can do to correct it?
I am guessing if she isn't 2'n on the UGO ~ she has a spot (several possibly)that she does 2. You need to thoroughly clean the area(s) (Nature's Miracle a product like it) to remove the odor because it's a trigger for her to continue to potty there. And then go back to the basics of constant supervision / scheduling potty trips to the UGO. Most likely she has times when you know a 2 is most likely or should be on it's way. Direct her to UGO, if she doesn't 2 tether her to you or crate her until you can get her to 2 on the UGO. She should never be left to her own devices or free roaming until she is reliable.

If by chance she does get away from you and you find a 2 you just have to realize she pottied, it needs thoroughly cleaned and take personal responsibility for it because its then the person's "fault" not the animal as she was left to run and potty unsupervised. You can't punish at that point because she has no idea what she is being punished for and then you create a Secret Squirrel Pooper scenario where she will dart off and 2 quickly in secret spots. It's very hard to break that cycle without constant and I do mean constant supervision. Constant supervision seems like a pain in the tookus, but time spent now saves so much time and frustration down the line.

To get her to 2 on the UGO continue to celebrate the 1's, and get her on a schedule of taking her to the UGO when 2's are most likely to occur and keep an eye on her at all times so she cannot 2 anywhere else. She will definitely learn what you expect of her. If you get her on a schedule for potty both the 1's & the 2's ~ taking her to Ugo throughout the day and maintaining that schedule weekday and weekends she will grasp the concept so much quicker than just taking her to the UGO randomly. She will learn quickly I wake up, I go to UGO and potty / I play I go to UGO and Potty, I eat I go to UGO and potty ~ it will become a habit for her and that's what you are trying to establish a potty routine.

I had a Secret Squirrel this morning. Took her out to potty before breakfast we had a 1 & a 2. Took her back out after breakfast she 1'd ~ I didn't think she could have a 2 that quickly, but she did ~ so once again I was the victim of a double 2. Cleaned it up, reminded her to potty outside reminded myself not to be a twit because she has gotten me 2 or 3 times with this move, lol.

You'll definitely get it, it just takes time and complete dedication to the mission :)
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