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Innova Prime

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Ive been researching Innova Prime after Therese made the suggestion to try it. I saw that its listed as an all life stages food which I like & it comes in more than 1 flavor also a bonus & its rated as a 5 star food. The protein content varies between formulas one is 38% & the other 35% protein. Is this ok to feed to a 12 year old chi? I know it says all life stages but Ive read that its best to put senior dogs on a 28 - 30% protein diet. Anyone have any input on this?

Also for those that feed this food how much do you pay per bag? At petco its $around $20 for the small bag & around $16 for the small bag at petsupermarket.
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When a food says "for all life stages" it means it has been fed to a number of dogs of various ages, and they all survived in basic good health. Notice, I didn't say HOW many dogs, or WHAT their ages were, or HOW long it was fed. Most foods can say that their food is for all ages. Senior dogs in GOOD health can eat pretty much any good food out there. Some people think that senior dogs need less protein for their kidneys, but I am not that educated about that.
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