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Insect bite

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About a month ago I took Isabelle for a walk and came in and noticed there was a little blood spot on her belly like she scratched it on something. Well it must of been an insect bite or something because it turned into a white head. I put some hydrogen proxide and ointment on it but I'm kind of worried about it. I mean she is acting fine and it happened about a month ago but it looks like it might be infected. Does anybody have any opinions on what I should do?
Thanks so much!!!!
Holly :p
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Seiah had a lot of whiteheads and red bumps after playing in the grass. His went away in a couple days. So if it's been there for over a month now, I would go check it out with a vet.
i think you did well !! i don't think we have insects here like you do :D i never saw insect bites on my boys.....

kisses nat
If you dare to be holistic :D put tea tree oil DILUTED on it 2x's a day. But to have peace of mind a vet visit would not hurt.

Kemo had gotten such a bump on his eye after a day at the beach my guess was sand got in a pore and got infected the tea tree treatment worked - took a week but it worked and I was messing with his eye, Im crazy huh?
Thankyou so much for the advice. She just got the whitehead a couple of days ago, but before that there was a red spot. I'm going to try the tea tree oil and if that doesn't work I'll be taking her to the vet.
Thanks again :D
Are there spiders in your area?
I dont want to scare you and I might be wrong but maybe it was a Spider bite. I have heard that spiders leave BIG white heads. If it was a spider and it has been there for over a month then you shouldnt worry about it because it was not harmful..
Ask your Vet and lets hope I am wrong! :lol: which I probably am.
Her bite (whitehead) is starting to go away thank God!!! It actually is almost completey gone now :) .. I do live in Georgia and there are spiders and alot other bugs out here... I just want to thank everyone for your advice... :thumbup:
Good news! Holly, if it was a dangerous insect bite normally you wouldn't see a whitehead, it would look more like 2 punctures close together and there would be a lot of redness and swelling. More likely, it's exactly what it looks like: a little whitehead pimple =) Sometimes they also get little sebaceous gland infections or very minor cysts that eventually go away as well. Glad to hear this one is subsiding.
Wow, that's some great info you shared with me. It's very good to know that..
Thanks ilovesadie!!!
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